Established in 1971, METRO INVESTIGATIONS, INC. is
the largest female owned and operated NATIONWIDE investigative
firm in the United States.

We like to think of ourselves as a company that thinks "outside the box." This attitude is best reflected in our recruitment of diverse personnel (various backgrounds, racial diversity, and bilingual investigators), our cutting edge technology, such as our extremely covert -the size of a nail head -micro video cameras, and our ability to gather information through our creative, results oriented, pretext work.

Our subsidiary, Metro Spy Supply [], gives us a distinct advantage in both the corporate and private sector world of investigations, in that we have the most technologically advanced equipment at our fingertips which allows us to customize any type product imaginable.

The below services deal strictly with Metro's corporate services; however, our Domestic Division of Metro Investigations [] targets private sector matters - addressing everything from Date Rape Drug Detectors to Elder Care Abuse Investigations to Divorce Cases.